“What do you actually do? What is SEO?”

What is SEO - morethanSEO

When my family and friends ask me “what do you do for a living?” I always seem to put my head into my hands and sigh.

S  –  E  –  O

How do I even begin to explain it?

As a marketer, it’s hard enough to explain why ‘being online’ is so important in everyday life now. Many just believe Google exists and gives you what you want.

Well, that’s kinda true…

But there’s a little more to it than that.

As an SEO, I aim to help my clients be prominent on Google (and other search engines). Whether that’s ranking for ‘how do I save my goldfish from dying when I overfed it?’ as a long tail keyword or ‘goldfish for sale’ as a generic transactional focused keyword.

Sound simple?


There are over 200 different factors which help websites rank for certain search terms. The industry is so competitive, some brands can spend hundreds of thousands every year on strategic planning and implementation of various techniques on their websites.

Just to name a few, on a day to day basis, we aim to build a strong presence online through:

1. Optimising on page elements and semantic mark-up

By optimising on page elements such as page titles, meta descriptions and alt tags, this helps both Google and the user understand what your webpage will be offering (before even clicking through).

Will it be products?

What about a how-to guide?

Or maybe just an every day blog post?

Specifying this early on allows Google to easily crawl (understand) your page and understand the most important elements.

In terms of semantic mark-up, this is where we will go into a webpage and specify various headings to search engines, giving crawlers an even deeper understanding of the structure of a page.

(that’s the easy part!) 

2. Creating ‘the best resource on the internet’ around a certain topic or product

In order for Google to understand which page they should deliver to the user, and in what order – Google needs to understand what the page is about, and how it can help.

Many SEO’s believe that, the longer the content, the more chance of ranking.

I beg to disagree.

As long as your content is thorough and relevant – that’s all that matters!

By lengthening a piece of content ‘for the sake of it’ instantly makes the piece become repetitive and less-relevant to your reader.

Content Marketing as we know it…

Content Marketing is such a huge part of digital marketing these days (and not just SEO) that it’s important to get it right. I’m sure I will be creating plenty more blogs on content marketing as a whole and how it’s useful within growing that online presence…

So stay tuned for that one!

3. Other optimisation strategies

As mentioned, there are over 200 current ranking factors (as far as we know!), so I can confirm I don’t just sit around on a laptop changing titles of headings and renaming images (I think that’d get pretty boring to be fair).

Some other ranking considerations include:

  • Duplicate Content?
  • Internal linking quality
  • External linking quality
  • Keyword stuffing content
  • Mobile-Friendly webpages
  • Domain Authority
  • Website Structure

I won’t bore you with the rest, but if you’re intrigued, here are a few useful resources:

Backlinko – Google’s 200 ranking Factors : The Complete List (2018)

SemRush – 17 most prominent Google Ranking Factors

Moz – On-page ranking factors

So yeah, next time you ask if I work for Google…


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