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As a marketer, you will no doubt have your very own bank of trusted bookmarks where you can go to in order to familiarise yourself with the latest industry updates.

And if you don’t, I’m sure you will soon.

Whether it’s to discover that Facebook have changed their business manager interface AGAIN, or Google have officially made mobile pagespeed a ranking factor… you need to know!

So, I’ve handpicked just five of mine, whom I’ve not only learnt from, but I continue to learn each and every day; as new technologies, algorithms and announcements are released.

Michael Martinez – SEO Theory

It only makes sense to start with this guy.

When I first took my steps form college into ‘the world of digital’, I was given guidance by those who believed in me most.

Many of my colleagues would push me to work hard, and to thrive in the industry.

And that’s where Michael came in.

I was challenged by a fellow colleague to start at the very beginning of this blog, and work my way through (pretty much following SEO through it’s evolution).

Don’t get me wrong, I was never able to do this. But who would?!

I tried.

I would sit on the train to and from work reading post upon post and writing page upon page of notes. I was constantly learning new (and old) techniques to put into practise, many of which I still use today.

SEO Theory now has just under 1,000 blogs on their site (and counting), and I’d encourage any marketer – new or old – to take a look. Whether you begin at the very start like I did, or just read a couple of the latest updates, it’s definitely worth a read.


Stepping up into such a generic role as a ‘digital marketer’ I needed to know about social, and fast.

Obviously, having completed an apprenticeship in ‘social media for business’, I wasn’t going in totally blind, and I knew my post from my tweets…

But in terms of creating ads with thousands of pounds worth of budget, split testing these ads and optimising for the best outcome – these were all aspects of paid social I’d never really explored before.

Therefore, I needed a trusty resource to get me off the ground. And that’s where AdEspresso came in.

As a tool, owned by Hootsuite, AdEspresso didn’t just tell me how to do things i’d never done before, but it helped me put these into practice.

So, if you’re looking to get started in paid social, or even just keep up with the fast-paced industry we work in, I’d highly recommend you get yo’self over there!


Yes, that’s right, Moz.

Not only do they offer some of the most notorious SEO tools, but their blog should be a biblical resource for any marketer.

With Rand Fishkin being the CEO and Founder, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

If you’re just starting out, head over to Moz’s ‘Beginner’s guide to SEO’ where you will be greeted with a 10-chapter guide to keep you in the know.

Or if you want to stay up to date on any hot-off-the-press news, this is where you need to be.


No other than Neil Patel.

All you have to do is mention his name to an SEO (or anyone in the digital space for that matter) and they’ll know exactly who you’re talking about.

He is one of the most well known in the digital presence – and rightly so. As being the co-founder of some of the most notorious marketing tools such as; Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, he sure does know what he’s talking about.

His story is one of the most interesting you’ll ever read any you can find it here.

Anyway, less about that.

Self-learning is often the way you have to enter this industry, and Neil’s blog is a great place to start to find the most in depth and comprehensive marketing news.

But, not only does QuickSprout tell you about all of the latest happenings, Neil also provides full detailed guides to help you get started.

So whether you want to start at the very beginning, learn how to build an email list from scratch or simply find out how to turn a failing business into a complete success, Neil’s your man!


And last, but of course not least, is Backlinko.

Owned by Brian Dean.

Just like the others, Brian provides some of the best news in the industry (hence making the cut!), but not only does he do that, he writes in such depth that you are able to learn something in EVERY article.

Yeah, I’ve been in the industry for around about four years now, and some might say that’s a pretty bold claim coming from me.

But every time I need guidance, advice, or just a general catch up on the latest, Brian Dean is on top of it all!

Backlinko is one of the best resources in not just finding out information, but the most useful.

I mean, many bloggers and resources out there can say “do local seo” or “build quality backlinks”. But all this does is leaves you thinking a series of questions; “Why? How long will it take? Will I see direct results? How much will it really impact my campaign?”

You only have to take a look at his recent article on improving website traffic to understand what I mean.

Anyway… those are just a few of thousands of marketing blogs out there – and just a few of my favourites!

Comment below to let me know yours…

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