Top 8 Blog Topic Ideas!

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No matter how experienced, or how creative, we can all struggle to think of what to write from time to time.

We can all take a pause and think “well what now?”, whether your blog has 3 posts, or 3,000!

So, here are some ideas to get you started…

Blog Topic Ideas

Behind the scene blogs

Sometimes the best place to start, is a little closer to home. Instead of over complicating things and trying to think of extravagant blog topics, why not document your day-to-day life.

This could be telling your customers how products are made behind the scenes, how your business is run, or even a more detailed documentary of what you do daily…

Top (10) Blog Posts

I can guarantee that you know what I’m talking about.

Whether your telling your customers your top 10 favourite fashion blogs, foodie bloggers or wellness bloggers – If you’re struggling for ideas, this is a definite quick win!

Top 10 blogs image

Review blog posts

Reviewing a product, service or tool can quite often be one of the most useful resources for your customers.

Before making a purchase, millions of people each year scour the web for genuine reviews, to ensure they’re getting exactly what they want.

As a blogger, this could be an opportunity to review certain new purchased and share findings with the rest of the community.

On the other hand, as a business this will allow your blog become a useful, bookmark worthy resource where potential customers could revisit and find out more before purchasing.

Best review blogs

How-to blogs

Creating blog posts don’t always have to be informative, or even fictional, how about educating?

By creating a series of how-to blogs on your site, this allows you to become an authoritative figure by providing evergreen content time and time again.

For example, if you run a bakery or restaurant, why not plan out a range of creative recipes on your blog, to help your audience re-create their dishes?

Or how about, you run a doggy day care centre? Well, why not provide various how-to guides on how to prepare your dog for the local dog show?

Interview blog posts

As a marketer in the digital industry, I love nothing more than reading the latest interviews with industry professionals such as Rand Fishkin or Neil Patel.

Similarly, as a 21 year old, I enjoy reading about the inside scoop from the latest love island happenings, or reading the latest on Paul Pogba from within the dressing room.

So, if you know any influences within the industry, or even a colleague, that’s a great place to start!

Who know, it could actually turn out pretty interesting…

Paul Pogba interview

Round-up blog posts

Been to an event recently? A bake show? A lecture? A conference?

I bet you posted on Twitter relentlessly throughout the day or even had a 230 second long Instagram story?

Well, why not follow up with a blog post?

By creating round-up blog posts, you can not only take a moment to reflect on your own learnings, but help educate and inform others about the event.

Round up blogs can also help boost traffic in the long run, as you begin to rank organically – driving traffic through search terms related to the event too.

round-up blog posts

Competition Announcements

As a start-up (or even a more developed company), it’s often important to drum up some new business and raise awareness withing the wider community.

Many people turn to social media networks for competition announcements now, as the reach for competitions can often become uncontrollable (in a good way!).

But who better to share and get involved with your competitions, than existing customers?

Creating an accompanying blog post, will not only host those all important T&Cs, but it’ll also help you reach your existing customers who then have the ability to share organically, spreading the word.

Timely news announcements

Whether Google has just released a new update, or Kevin the butcher has just won £300,000 on the local postcode lottery, why not shout about it?

By now, you should know your audience inside out. So when you see something on the news, which may be of interest with them, why not share a post about it?

The importance of this is to get the timing spot-on!

There’s no point releasing a blog about the new limited edition McFlurry, three weeks after the promotion has finished…

So, next time you think “I don’t know what to write” – the answer is often more simple than you think!

What’s you’re go-to blog series? Comment below..

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