Brighton SEO : My First Visit

If you follow any of my social profiles, then you’ll know I’ve been to Brighton SEO this September (yeah, sorry about that…)

I’ve been a total fan-girl about it ever since I got my hands on my oh so precious ticket.

You’ll be pleased to hear, it didn’t disappoint, in the slightest…

I even bagged myself a pair of SEMrush socks which I will 100% be rocking around the office in, in no time😉

In all seriousness, all this experience has made me ask myself, is WHY I haven’t been before? Too busy? Too much work on? 4 hours is too far?

Well after today, those are all terrible excuses.

To be given the opportunity to walk around the Brighton Centre with 4,000 other “SEOs” was incredible.

To hear that they’re also having the same issues was so refreshing.

Everywhere you looked there was stall upon stall, and talk upon talk about link building in 2018.

Oh, the struggle is real.

It’s often the ‘unknown’ territory (along with a million other things) in the industry – and to hear others talk about how they approach it and their situations, really was intriguing.

It would be really hard for me to create a ‘quick recap’ of the day, of the people I heard, and the new learnings I took from the experience, and that’s why, I’m going to do a continued series over the next few weeks!

Leaving you in suspense, I know…

But, trust me, It’ll be worth it!

To give you a little idea of what’s to come, here are a few of the talks I attended:

Ross Tavendale

Bobbi Brant

  • “How to Use Live Video in Content Marketing”

Miracle Inameti-Archibong

Natalie Mott

  • “AMP Implementation on Non-Standard Content Management Systems”

Purna Virji

  • “Marketing in the Al-Era of Search: Your Guide to Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences”

Stuart Shaw

  • “A Voice Assistant Investigation”

Greg Gifford

  • “How to use local to rock in mobile and voice search”

Marie Haynes

  • “Super Practical Nuggets from Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines”

Luke Sherran

  • “Video tanning factors in YouTube”

And of course, last but by no means least..

Rand Fishkin – The Future of SEO is on the SERP

So, if I was you I’d stay tuned, as I will be sharing some of the best industry insights from some of the best industry influencers!

and until then, here’s a (not so) cute picture of a seagull on Brighton Pier – 😊

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