The Best Marketing Conferences in 2019

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Being in this industry, you have no choice but to keep updated on the latest trends and changes throughout marketing as a whole (not a bad thing of course!).

Whether that’s a Google algorithm change or recognising and differentiating between user behaviours, it’s more important than ever to be one step ahead of your competitors, and that’s where learning from the professionals comes in handy.

I’m a huge advocate for attending conferences, webinars and seminars, but where do we start?!

With hundreds of speakers preparing to present across the country, it’s important you go to the best of the best, and learn how to apply their findings to your own role. I mean, come on, who wants to listen to someone talk about ‘the benefits of search’ for 45 minutes, with nothing to take back with you and apply to you and your business.

Marketing Show North – 27th & 27th February 2019

As I’m from Manchester, it’s only logical to start with Marketing Show North on 27th & 28th February 2019. Covering not only search; but everything from paid social, video marketing, display and UX, the Marketing Show North really does have it all.

In 2019, there are going to be more speakers than ever, from in-house marketing managers, to agency founders and strategists – they really do have something for everyone.

Atomicon – 8th March 2019

If you’re a small business owner or start up and all of these conferences look a little bit daunting, Atomicon is the place to go.

When starting out in the industry it’s almost impossible to get lost amongst acronyms and full blown digital strategies, so it’s often worth taking a step back and listening to those who are going to help you grow at a pace that suits you.

Plus, when Atomicon claim to “help generate an avalanche of leads and sales” you’d be silly not to start packing your bags for a trip to Newcastle!

UnGagged London – 1st, 2nd & 3rd April 2019

If you’re on the hunt for a marketing conference with a twist, then you’re in the right place!

Ungagged is a three day conference which will be running in London from April 1st until April 3rd (and that’s no joke!).

Ungagged is the only conferences which apply a a “no fluff and no sales pitch policy” – sounds great right? You’re guaranteed to walk away with a wide range of takeaway methods which you can apply to your own strategic marketing plans.

As one of the biggest conferences in the UK, you won’t be restricted to any specific area of interest, so feel free to explore the magical world of email marketing, CRO or even reputation management!

BrightonSEO – 11th & 12th April 2019

What would be a year of great marketing conferences without BrightonSEO?!

As we all know, just a few years ago this was just a pub full of SEO speakers, organised by Kevin Newman – and what a great job he has done in turning it into one of the (if not THE) search conference of the year. TWICE a year!

I attended various talks back in September including Rand’s final keynote. Yet this April, the final keynote will be closed by the one and only John Mueller, so you need to be sure not to miss it!

SearchLeeds – 20th June 2019

SearchLeeds, is another conference on my list this year! With a full day of speakers and networking opportunities available, Search Leeds is a must.

Whether you’re interested in analytical trends, e-commerce, PPC or SEO; SearchLeeds has it all. So head on down to the first direct arena this June to see the largest marketing event in the north, with some of the most prolific speakers in the industry.

Search Love – 14th & 15th October 2019

In the ultimate two day event, Distilled will be putting on a conference to remember. Search Love London has had previous speakers such as Rank Fishkin and Dr Pete Meyers, so you’ll be sure to hear from some of the most well known search professionals around.

Search Love London is targeted at both agencies, in-house brands, business owners and marketing managers; so you’ll be sure to find new techniques and strategies to bring home with you.

MozCon – 15th, 16th & 17th July 2019

Finally, to wrap this up… It’s important not to miss MozCon!

If you’re looking for a marketing conference outside of the UK, or if you’re planning to head to the US anytime soon, then be sure to bear MozCon in mind.

MozCon will be running in July this year, from Seattle, and although it’s on my bucket list; sadly, I won’t be going…

Although the speakers at MozCon 2019 have not yet been released, with some of the industries most well recognisable speakers presenting in 2018, this year is surely going to be one to remember!

On one final note, if anyone will be attending any marketing or search conferences this year, feel free to comment below or reach me at @amy_leach_ on twitter!

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