The Search Trends of a Worldwide Pandemic

Google Trends - more than SEO

The Coronavirus.

A worldwide pandemic which is thought to have originated in Wuhan, China. Several months later, we’re still dealing with this outbreak and the catastrophic consequences worldwide.

But what does this mean for us?

The pandemic has caused various countries, including the UK to close businesses temporarily or work from home where possible. Thousands have lost their jobs, whilst others are on temporary break from work until business rises once again. 

Interestingly over this period, we’ve seen a range of trends within user behaviour. Using Google trends, here are a few of the most interesting finds we’re seeing so far, for the UK.


The Coronavirus has impacted our lives more than any other event for tens of years. So of course we’ll all be searching to find out more.

What is the coronavirus? 

What are the symptoms of the coronavirus?

Does the coronavirus have a cure?

How do you contract the coronavirus? 

These are just some of the common questions which have been at the forefront of millions of minds over the last few months. Reflective in our search trends graph, captured within in the core term ‘coronavirus’.

The Coronavirus Search Trends

‘Hand Sanitiser’ 

With UK government advising to keep safe and wash hands regularly, there has been a huge surge in demand for many products. Hand sanitiser being at the forefront of everyone’s mind, to help protect from spreading the virus. 

Coronavirus Search Trends - Hand Sanitiser

‘Office Chair’

Since the announcement made by the UK Government to help contain the virus, for everyone to work from home where possible; We’ve seen trends online and on social media of new ‘home office’ space. 

Whether that’s beside your bed, in the dining room or in your brand new home office.

Of course, we don’t all have a ready made home office where we can just log on as if nothing has happened. Hence, why we’ve seen a surge in search behaviour online for ‘office chairs’ and other office equipment. 

Coronavirus Trends - Office Chairs

After all, it is vital we look after our well-being (and of course, posture) during this uncertain time. 


Following the global impact which the coronavirus has had on travel, during March 8th – 14th, we began to see cancelled trips, flights and much anticipated holidays. Hence the huge spike in trends below. 

Since then, we’ve seen search for travel related queries reduce in the UK as we become aware of the impacts the pandemic is having and how travel is no more. For the foreseeable future, millions of travel plans have been put on pause. Once these restrictions are lifted, we’re predicting a huge growth in search trends again, as we begin to move past the turn of events and take a well-deserved break away. 

Coronavirus Trends - Travel

But, with non-essential travel plans on hold for the near future, what does this mean for the rest of the country?

With schools, nurseries and many other workplaces closed, the UK is told to stay at home. 

Causing a huge uplift in activities both inside and around the house. Again, as reflected in our online search behaviour.


Coronavirus Trends - Baking


DIY search trends - Coronavirus

‘Craft Ideas’

Coronavirus Trends - Craft Ideas

After a huge demand for long life goods and stockpiling around the UK, it’s not only hand sanitiser we’re searching for online.

With empty aisles at our local supermarkets for long life goods and essentials. Products such as pasta and toilet rolls, we’ve taken to online shopping to find what we can and order for delivery.


Looking for opening times, or the latest news on restrictions of your local supermarket? We’re all more eager than ever to find out more about our local supermarkets and whether we should make the trip out.

Supermarkets - search trends of the coronavirus


Pasta - Search trends of Coronavirus

‘Toilet Rolls’

Google Search Trends - Coronavirus - Toilet Rolls

The only way we can really describe the world at present, is unbelievable. And this isn’t just in terms of search.

Thinking back only 12 months, or even 6, never could we have predicted the world would be as it is today. 

Whether your business, or your industry, has been affected. No matter whether this is positively, or negatively. I

t’s important to remember our health should be at the centre of our minds.

Stay safe!

For more information or guidance, please visit :

All data above is correct as of April 1st, 2020.

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