Women in Tech SEO Festival : A Complete Round Up

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SEO has historically been known as a male dominated industry, which has now evolved over time. 

A lot of people (myself included) feel the pressure of getting up on stage and speaking at conferences. 

You might be afraid of speaking to a large crowd of people. Afraid you have nothing to say. Afraid that you’ll make a mistake which will haunt you for the rest of your career. 

All of these are thoughts which we all face, and not just women. 

Women in Tech SEO is a network, community and now event, organised by some of the most incredible women in the industry. The groups help women with not only self-confidence for speaking at events. But also, a network to allow us to come together and openly discuss problems, challenges and more importantly, our successes! 

After joining the slack channel and Facebook group back in August 2019, I knew attending the first Women in Tech SEO event, in March 2020, was a must.

With an all-women line up and 250 female attendees, it was an absolute privilege to be able to go and be inspired by some amazing ladies of SEO. 

Women in Tech SEO Festival: The Event

Taking place on March 6th 2020, the day was split into four sections: 


Due to the sheer amount of takeaways and learnings from the day, below is a brief overview of some of the incredible women who spoke in the Barbican Centre and some useful insights. 

Women in Tech SEO - Day Pass


Roxana Stingu

Is Your TTFB Slowing You Down?

Focussing on page speed and time to first byte, Roxana gave a wealth of insights about how to reduce your TTFB, without compressing any images. 

Of course, when we usually run a site through testing tools such as Google lighthouse or PageSpeed Insights, reducing image size and compression often come out on top. Or, can even be the easiest fix to get those webpages running that little bit faster.

But by looking into various other external factors of your site, Roxana helped us step away from the session with a long list of actions. 

Kristina Azarenko

How to Create High Quality eCommerce Categories?

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, and subsequently SEO for eCommerce. Kristina shared an 8-step framework to help online stores create that all-important category structure. 

Kristina’s talk, for me, was one of the most insightful of the entire Women in Tech SEO Fest. Which is why I will shortly be sharing my full insights on SEO for eCommerce shortly and how you should be putting these into practice. 

Kristina - Women in Tech SEO event

Miracle Inameti

Proving Your Worth : Demonstrating the Value of SEO Campaigns

After hearing from Miracle at BrightonSEO over a year ago, I was intrigued by this session – as I walked away from Brighton with reams of information to put into practice. 

Whilst last time I was full of technical advice, this talk gave us some incredible insights for reporting on ROI. 

We can all easily spend hours on reporting numbers and figures in various formats, spreadsheets and presentations. Yet, deep down, we all know  the vast majority of our reporting gets skim-read and which reports the all important figures. 

By using MIracle’s guidance, we can all take away a range of actionable insights to put into practice. 

Using tools such as Google Analytics tracking and alert reporting, we can streamline our daily tasks. As well as this, Miracle gave a range of examples on how we can identify problem areas in our SEO, by content grouping and using impact reporting. 

Miracle Inameti - Women in Tech SEO Festival


Aleyda Solis

SEO for Marketplaces: Overcoming Technical Challenges

Having an eCommerce site with very little technical issues is a huge accomplishment for any SEO. Whether you’re being told images need compressing, site structures are difficult to maintain or product feeds aren’t working correctly.

No matter the size of your eCommerce store or platform, Aleyda gave a range of well thought out strategies, to enable us to optimise for both category and product level terms. 

Izzi Smith

Building Up Powerful Entities and Connections in 2020

Competing on the SERPs is now more difficult than ever before. 

With results pages now presenting us with a range of information, fueled by external websites, it’s harder than ever to increase your CTR%. But do you need to? 

Without focussing on how to gain presence in those precious position 0 spots, we should be focussing on our brand entities and what we own. 

Izzi gave an in depth talk about how we should all be optimising for our own entities within SERP results. Using tools such as Carl Hendy’s knowledge graph search, we’re able to quickly identify opportunities to use next. 

We can also optimise for our own entities and properties by using structured data on our sites, to allow us to be in control of our data and even allow for quicker conversions. 

Izzi Smith - Women In Tech SEO


Hannah Rampton

Delimit Your Data: Formulas For Success

Hannah is well known within the digital industry for sharing some of the most incredible spreadsheet templates of all time. Whether you want to decipher your data or dig a little deeper, Hannah’s tools can help. 

Demonstrating some of her latest work, we saw a walk through of Hannah’s tools, as well as some cool hints and tips which we can take back to the office for next month’s reporting! 

You can find some more information on her Keyword Cannibilsation tool and Google Search Console Explorer on her website. 

Hannah Rampton - Women in Tech SEO

Ruth Everett

Tackling Python: How It Can Help With Technical SEO

Python is becoming one of the most sought after languages for SEO’s in recent times and Ruth gave a great talk on how Python can benefit you. 

There are a range of tools which can help get you started when learning python including CodeAcademy, Data Camp and SoloLearn. 

As demonstrated by Ruth, Python can help you when it comes to automating those repetitive tasks, understanding your data in greater detail and making data driven decisions going forward. 

Emily Potter

On-Page Best Practices That Harm Your Traffic

No matter when you started out in the industry, or whether you’re new to the digital world, we’ve all been told the ‘top best practices of SEO’. 

Although these tips can help one industry, or one aspect of your customer journey, your strategies should always be tested and queried over and over. 

Emily walked through a range of scenarios which she’s put to the test, and often proved these theories wrong. 

Whether that’s by improving your CTR with star rating markup or testing the use of breadcrumbs on the SERPs. 

It just shows, although industry specialists often give the most accurate data they can in their area, this won’t work for everyone. So it’s important to test, test and test again. 


Finally, the last section of the day was ‘empower’ which took us all by surprise. 

Stacey McNaught : In Pursuit of Work/Life Synergy

Hannah Smith : Feckless Freelancing & Facing Down the Fraud Police

Kirsty Hulse : Working it: Practical Tips to Be Heard In Meetings, Get Paid More & Shine Like The Badass You Are

Personally, I didn’t know what to expect. But I walked out of the Barbican Centre feeling completely overwhelmed. Hearing the truths which resonate with us all, and how we can improve areas of our lives such as the home / work life balance and how to prove yourself within the workplace. 

I think it’s safe to say the emotions were high. 

Women in Tech SEO Fest - Kirsty Hulse

So that’s it! An overview of one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. Women in Tech SEO Fest.

Not only that, but this I believe to be the most wonderful community in SEO.

It was so lovely to meet so many new people and put names to faces, especially when they’ve given you a helping hand on one of the many channels available. 

I hope to attend again next year, for another wonderful day in London. 
All of the slides that were made public by speakers have been collated on the Women In Tech SEO website.

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