Schema Markup: Is it worth it?

First of all, I apologise.

I know I’ve not been posting regularly lately, but I’ve had a lot of exciting life events going on over the past couple of months (both work related and not)!

But anyway, all of that aside, I wanted to go into a little detail about schema markup, how I’ve used it in the past, how the industry perceives schema and some top tips for implementing schema on your site.

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“We Made Our Website a Progressive App and Why You Should Too”

Time and time again we hear terminology in the industry, we think we understand, but really we don’t.

With the digital space moving as fast as it is, it’s important to continuing to learn and develop in the skills we have, as fast as we can.

And that’s why I went to Miracle Inameti-Archibong‘s talk at BrightonSEO, titled “We made our website a progressive app and why you should too”.

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“Data Journalism: A Practical Guide to Winning Big Links”

As a marketer, and more importantly an SEO, you’ll understand the true struggles when it comes to link building.

  • Should I be building local links?
  • Should I be broken link building?
  • What about building content to reach out to start-up bloggers with?
  • Does creating great content really work for link building?

There are many unknown answers within the field, and that’s why I was drawn towards hearing from Ross Tavendale as the opener at Brighton SEO this September.

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Creating a Paid Facebook Strategy

It’s easy enough for anyone to say “share it on Facebook” or “tweet it out” without really understanding what it takes or the true the strategies behind social media advertising.

After recent communications from some of the worlds most loved social media platforms, we know things are changing.

You can’t just “put it on Facebook” and it’ll reach your 100,000 page followers in chronological order.

It doesn’t work like that anymore.

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The Best Marketing Blogs to Read Online

As a marketer, you will no doubt have your very own bank of trusted bookmarks where you can go to in order to familiarise yourself with the latest industry updates.

And if you don’t, I’m sure you will soon.

Whether it’s to discover that Facebook have changed their business manager interface AGAIN, or Google have officially made mobile pagespeed a ranking factor… you need to know!

So, I’ve handpicked just five of mine, whom I’ve not only learnt from, but I continue to learn each and every day; as new technologies, algorithms and announcements are released.

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