Digital Marketing Reporting – WITH FREE TEMPLATES!

Marketing reporting, whether completed daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually, can often be one of the most time consuming tasks in a digital role.  Although, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking to showcase your channels worth, or report on regular figures to stakeholders or management, reporting is key.  But what should we reallyContinue reading “Digital Marketing Reporting – WITH FREE TEMPLATES!”

The Best Digital Marketing Certifications to Get You Started

Competing in the digital marketing industry can be tough. We all know that. The number of marketers is rising faster than ever before; in a bid to challenge the expansion of digital marketing of e-commerce. One way to keep updated on the evolution of the digital space is by continuing to push yourself and putContinue reading “The Best Digital Marketing Certifications to Get You Started”

Creating a Paid Facebook Strategy

It’s easy enough for anyone to say “share it on Facebook” or “tweet it out” without really understanding what it takes or the true the strategies behind social media advertising. After recent communications from some of the worlds most loved social media platforms, we know things are changing. You can’t just “put it on Facebook”Continue reading “Creating a Paid Facebook Strategy”